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Shelley or シェリー
3 February 1987
Out of my journal. :)
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I'm twenty-two. I'm a rather boring 22, though. I don't drink, smoke, or party really. I've never been much on alcohol. My family has a pretty bad past with it so I've always had a certain despise of it. Both my parents smoke and I've been trying for years to get them to quit and I would never turn against my own thoughts on that and do it. I don't party because I like more one on one time with people. I go out in small groups of friends and chill, goof off, whatever really. At this very moment I'm still undecided for college. I've done vet tech school. Japanese, which I'm still doing on my own. I just don't like taking classes for it. I don't like speaking with people that aren't native speakers. It's harder for me to learn that way. Luckily, I live in the city that houses the honda plant therefore as many native japanese speakers as i want to talk to.

I'm incredibly outgoing. I don't hate people. Even the people I should hate. I don't. I can't be actually mean. It's not part of my nature. I love being everyones friend. I like being the one people know they can turn to. I'm also an optimistic. heh.

I'm really into the Japanese culture, music, and fashion styles. The language is undeniably beautiful and the culture continues to take my interest as i dive deeper into learning more. One thing though. I hate Anime. I can't stand it. I don't say 'kawaii' and I don't speak English with random Japanese words tacked in.

I'm egotistical. Although, I do have PLENTY self-conscious issues...but overall...I love the person I am. I currently have TWO tattoos. One is my 'Ore' which is in the smae place MYV has his ore tattoo, but has more meaning that just that to me. It's a half tribute for him. Myv was the reason I found jrock. He and Die were my first jrockers ever and miyavi is amazing to me. on the other hand....It was to symbolize who I am. I've never been a girl really. I'm a tomboy at heart...and I lvoe who I am. I'm proud of the person I've become. :) I get sick of people asking me aboutit..so ..I explained it here. ANYWAYS.

I love animals. I have several amazing cuties of my own :DD
My cats: Saku and Po-po
My Rats: Mischka, mama, Rascal, Splotch, Beep, Ghostie, and Talis P. Gollum
My dogs: Rachel and Dixie (reeki and Jussie are back hoem with my 'rents now)
My fish: Betta- Akai Cory Catfish: jaws

I try my hardest for all my animals :) Always open for suggestions to keep them happy!

I love Theater. I'm a sucker for dramas, musicals, etc. I love working backstage on productions. There's a change I might take that direction with life. In High School I was always a properties master, in charge of my crew and every prop for the show. For one show I even got live baby chicks :D I loved them so much ;_; chipmunk was my little follower. R.I.P. Chipmunk. He got trampled by the other babies and died in my hand :/

This is getting long and rather.....boring I think..so..if theres anything you want to know about me...ask.